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Product Development

Product Development

Product Development at AKF/AGF Netherlands

AKF / AGF Industrie BV provides services in the area of product development, aimed at plastics (injection moulding).

AKF / AGF Industrie BV is explicitly not working in the area of industrial design. That means that there has to be at least a basic idea and/or technological design to which we may connect with our expertise. It therefore does not focus on fundamental, industrial design but more on making such an idea, design or product manufacturable or optimized for injection moulding. As such we follow the initial phase of industrial design. Read more about injection moulding.

Sub areas within the product design

AKF / AGF Industrie BV focusses on three areas within product development:

  • Set up of a technical product of which the technical objective of the customer is incorporated.
  • Set up a technically feasable, in this case injection mouldable, product.
  • Set up of an economically optimal product (design-for-costprice).

productontwikkeling-3d-rapidprototypingTo that purpose AKF / AGF Industrie BV applies state-of-the-art 3D design software (SolidWorks). This enables ideas take shape and be visualized for the customer. During the development of a product it will be designed so that a technically and economically optimal design comes into existence. In doing so we closely cooperate and consult with the customer and provide, where necessary, support. Depending on the technological level of our customer this support is more or to a lesser extend.

Rapid Prototyping

At the end of the product development phase we have made available an end design. This can be in the shape of a, virtual, digital design or even as Rapid Prototype. The final design meets the following requirements :

  • Functionality design requirements of the customer.
  • Aesthetical design requirements of the customer.
  • Optimal technical feasability by injection moulding with minimal technical and aesthetical risks.
  • The best achievable pricing, both with regard to the required injection mould as well as injection moulding costs.

If you want to develop a product yourself or if you have questions about developing a product, please feel free to contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we provide 3D CAD services based on SolidWorks. We also give advice on the manufacturability, material choices and associated costs. If requested, we can also supply CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) with regard to flow behavior, strength and mechanical properties through sourcing.

We are specialized in the supply of technical parts, particularly in (life resources-) machine building, aviation industry and equipment construction. In addition, we also supply commodities to the consumer wholesale, aviation catering and medical industry.

Yes, we have a stock warehouse with 1,250 pallet positions and preferably produce for stock after which we can deliver from stock.


Already in possession of a basic design and looking for new perspectives or good advice for further development? Feel free to schedule a no-obligation appointment for an advice or an introductory meeting.