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Injection moulding

Injection moulding

Injection moulding
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Injection molding Plastic Products

Injection molding at AKF/AGF Netherlands: AKF/AGF Industrie BV is fully equipped for injection molding.

For this purpose we have a fully equipped machine park at our disposal ; starting from 12 tonnes of clamping force up to 900 tonnes of clamping force. We process a wide variety of materials and apply them for an extensive range of injection moulded products for several markets. All common plastics are processed and virtually any injection moulded product can be handled by us, in some cases even including any after-work, rework and / or assembly, logistics and wharehousing.

Our injection molding and production possibilities are used for the widest purposes. From the disposable market to the high-tech market for aerospace.

To be able to produce and deliver in these high-tech environments, Injection Molding AKF / AGF Industrie B.V. certified according to the quality standard ISO 9001: 2000, supplemented with the AS9100 standard (Aerospace Services 9100)

Injection molding at AKF/AGF: guaranteed the highest quality

AKF/AGF Industry B.V. always strives for the highest possible quality. It does not matter whether the product is simple or very complex. We strongly believe in the need for quality in injection molding. This follows, on the one hand, from the areas in which we operate. For example, aerospace requires very high quality. On the other hand, we also believe in quality as our strongest competitive tool. That is why we constantly work on quality assurance.

This guarantee is reflected in our certification for the following quality standards:

  • AS9100 (Aerospace Services)
  • ISO9001

spuitgieten-plastic-producten-nederlandThis standard is a standard ISO9001 standard with the paragraphs that refer to ‘Aerospace Services’, ie deliveries to the aerospace industry. This standardization is among the highest in the industry. Of course, a quality certification alone is not enough. Together with our quality department and all our employees, we work every day on the highest possible quality for your productions and injection moulding products.

AKF/AGF Industry B.V. has a complete range of injection molding machines, starting at 12 tons and ending at 900 tons of closing force. More information about the range of our machines and our machinery can be found on the “Range” page.

If you would like to have a product injection molded or if you have questions about injection molding / developing a product, please feel free to contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we build injection molds in house but also source injection moulds worldwide.

You can order injection moulded products from 1 item. A small amount of deliveries form one of our specialties.

The delivery capacity is unlimited and we do not have any capacity limitations in terms of numbers of pieces per year.

We process all thermoplastic injection moulding materials with the exception of PVC. In addition to the environmental and health technical considerations against this material, our building, our machines and our moulds are not suitable for this material.

First, he has to consider whether plastic is or could be a suitable material. In addition, he has to consider how many products he needs and how complex the design is. Injection molding takes place under the assumption of the following statement: ‘Optimally, technically and economically reproducing complex 3D shaped products that can be made of plastic’.

Yes, we can create any desired color. There are, however, restrictions on series sizes because color changes entail set-up costs.

Consultation injection molding AKF/AGF The Netherlands

Change injection molding or a new product by our injection molding? Feel free to plan a no-obligation transition appointment or an introductory meeting. We can completely unburden you and help you quickly.