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Costs injection molding

Already at a very early stage AKF/AGF Industrie BV is trying to make an estimate of the expected costs. This is not only for you as a customer of interest but also indicates potential directions for us as potential supplier.

In any project we take cost optimization (design-for-cost price) into account. This, on the one hand, enables us to fight off global competition, not only for AKF / AGF Industrie BV but also for its customers. The commercial success of its customers leads to success for AKF / AGF Industrie BV.

Our projects enable you to market high quality products at reasonable prices. On the other hand, cost price analysis is performed to indicate economic feasability in an early stage of your design and/or product. Finally, economic considerations may influence the technical choices. If a certain production method tends to lead to suboptimal cost structures we will adjust the process into a more economical feasable direction.

Our added value


Added value by thinking along with our customers.

AKF / AGF Industrie BV always strives at creating added value, not only for itself but also for its customers. Because of its marketing objectives, AKF / AGF Industrie BV does not focus on mere price competition alone. We try to establish optimized economic cisrcumsatnces within the limits of the required technology. As such a win-win situation is created, driven by technology.

The product development phase leads to an ecomical viable concept, which is manufacturable at acceptable costs. Of course all under the requirements in terms of product specifications, technologies to be used and application as well as the end market.

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