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Advice injection molding

After completion of the several stages of the product development phase AKF / AGF Industrie BV offers its final advice.

This is often done by presenting one or more quotation(-s) accompanied by a description of the list of requirements and technolgies applied. This advice is often based on our experience, knowledge and skills and a thorough analysis of your idea, design and / or product.

The right production method

Of course you are free to ignore our advice. We always welcome constructing ideas and critics (constructive criticism). However, we strongly advice to avoid a production method which goes against our advice. In such occasions we will confirm the limiations in writing in the order confirmation. However, it is our experience that such a situation is best avoided and does not offer the best starting point of a project. We, being supplier, often have a common interest with you as a client : your success is our success.

advies spuitgieten, gedegen design

Injection molding advice: Thorough advice saves unnecessary costs.

Well-founded advice

If your products successfully succeed you will return to us for conseccutive projects. This is clearly in our interest. Therefore we will always support and argument our advice towards you, or even adjust it if that is suitable.

In this way we are certain to satisfy your needs and demands:  both with respect to the technical design, as well as to a reliable feasability as well as optimal costs. This serves the interest of all parties involved.

Request an advisory interview yourself

Are you looking for more information or would you like to schedule a free consultation for a product yet to be developed? Please contact us. It is also possible to schedule appointments directly via our online agenda. Click here to go to the appointment page.


To determine upfront what to make and how to make it.

Want to develop an injection molded product? Ask us for advice.

Would you like more information about the feasibility of your product(s)? Feel free to contact us for a free consultation. In view of the above aspects, we will give you a full advice quickly.