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Test moulding

Test injection molded product

After we completed the assembly of a new injection mold it is sent to the moulding department for test moulding. The mould is accompanied by a test moulding instruction sheet with vital information for the test moulder regarding details of the product, raw material specifications as well as other requirements and information.

During the first test moulding, referred to as First-Of-Tool (F.O.T.), the mould will make the first shots in preparation to production. The injection moulder assesses the mould on its operation and notes abnormalities. Often a mouldmaker is called in to carry out repairs, improvements and / or optimizations. If that cannot be done on the injection moulding machine, the mould will be demounted and returned to the toolshop.


Test spraying is of great importance for a high-quality end product.

Sampling production

After required repairs, improvements and optimizations the mould will be mounted again and again test moulded. When the mould is properly functioning we start to harvest the first production samples. If the mould is still not functioning properly it will again and again be returned to the toolshop untill it is up to standards and able to run sufficiently.

Harvesting production samples is actually simulating real production. During the sampling output is simulated production. The aim is a realization of the forecasted cycle time, and harvesting proper samples made out of the assigned raw material and in the particular colour (if applicable). As such the production process is iniated, brought to standards and optimized. Once that stage is reached there will be harvesting of pre-production samples of the final product.

The samples go to our quality department and -people. They carry out inspections with respect to general impression, colors, shapes, dimensions, etc. In addition, the product will be measured, by means of a three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine.

Only when the samples have been approved internally, they will be sent off to the customer. From the moment of first-of-Tool untill final approval of and acceptance by the end customer there is a constant improvement process carried out. Due to the fact that we have all neccessary operations in-house we can offer the entire process.

When the product is finally approved and accepted by you, as a customer, the process is being recorded and test moulding is finished.

Quality guarantee

Not only our in-house built moulds are subject to these procedures but also moulds we sourced and bought, locally as well as internationally, undergo this process. As a result of the fact that moulds have already been in production within our company, we always deliver proven top quality. If so desired, and preferred by us, you, as a customer, can be present during final test mouldings.

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