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Micro injection molding < 0.03 grammes

Micro injection molding

The range of our injection moulding machines starts at the bottom with a specialistic 12 tonnes Boy injection moulding machine 12A for micro-injection moulding.

This injection moulding machine is equipped with a screw having a diameter of only 12 mm and has a maximum shot size of approximately 4.6 cm 3 (+/- 4.42 grammes). In praxis this machine has a very small shot size with an extremely high accuracy. With this machine, micro products are made with weights less than 0.03 grammes each.

With this machine we injection mould products for the medical industry (insertion equipment for eye surgery purposes), micro-electronics and parts for the process industry (among others micro flow meters).

micro spuitgieten bij AKF

Micro injection molding at AKF/AGF The Netherlands.

Smallest injection molding machine in the world

This machine is unique in its kind. Similar machines were until recently only available as plunger machines ( ‘Baby Plast). This is the world’s smallest injection moulding machine with a screw allowing high tolerance control over shots. As a result we can manufacture very small products with a high precision and repeatability.

AKF/AGF Industrie BV its capacity in the micro range is worldwide very scarce and almost unique in The Netherlands!

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One of AKF / AGF Industrie BV her specialties is micro injection moulding.

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